And We’re SoCal

We have been off traveling the globe trying to find the best places to paraglide as well as other fun activities. Yes, I know it might be hard to believe but, we actually do things other than paraglide. We are currently spending some time in beautiful Southern California. Australia will always be home and has, in my humble opinion, the best gliding and most beautiful scenery in the world. But the more we explore SoCal and all it has to offer we are falling in love with this place. There is amazing kayaking in Long Beach, hiking in the Mountains and the High Desert, windsurfing in Ventura, skydiving in the Desert, snowboarding in the Mountains.

Simi Valley CA

Our time here, based in Los Angeles and the outlying areas has been a wonderful and an amazing adventure. It’s been almost all good times and a few close calls that luckily everyone walked away from unharmed, well maybe a few scratches but nothing serious. The first was our resident dog JoJo, who was bit on the nose by a neighbor’s dog Freckles. We think she might be pregnant and having some mood swings so we’ll let her slide. Shame she isn’t fixed but that’s an article for another day.

simi valley cactus


The other incident is gliding related. We were up in Simi Valley scouting out locations for a day of gliding. It turns out that a fellow glider had a very unfortunate incident with tree and some lines. He was having some equipment failure, was forced down to a very low altitude and well, we probably don’t have to tell you the rest. He made it down ok was able to undo his harness and walk away and climb down the base of the tree. Like I said earlier, only a few scratches and that’s about it. So happy that he wasn’t seriously hurt. Of all things, and of all the places to have to have an emergency landing, this guy was lucky there was a crew of tree trimming guys working not too far away. They were apparently just down the road, saw what was going on and came over to help get his rig out of the tree with their boom truck. It was quite a sight to see and we all did what we could to help out a fellow enthusiast.

I will say that that made me check, double and triple check all of my gear. Not that I don’t already but my piece of advice from that day was always buy the best gear and equipment you can afford and always keep it well maintained. Ok, so on to happier things. Next week we are going to check out the hot springs. That should be a great day. Til next time.