paragliding-11Welcome to Paragliding Australia, My name is Austin, an experienced glider from the roots of Australia.  Today we’re going to start off with a nice story about Paragliding that happened when I was a kid.  Back in the day my parents used to take me to the beach to fly kites – when one day all of a sudden I saw what I thought was a man flying across the sky with his own kite.  From then on I was determined to become that man that could fly across the sky with ease.  When I turned 18 I saved up enough for my first paragliding rental & lesson, this was something I kept on doing about once a month.


By the time  was 25, Paragliding was my life was made up of paragliding.  I would go about three times a week with my own paraglide that I had been saving up for.  The paraglider was from an sports shop right near the beach & I spent $4500 which was a good price for a starter glider.  At 27 is when I got my first job working for a paragliding company 20 minutes from the house.  The company was there to sell, rent, and teach people to paraglide, I was stuck selling over priced paraglide’s that never got sold.  Most of the time I would have to help at the rental station to get stuff done.  When one of the Paraglide Instructors died, R.I.P, I was surprised to hear that I would be teaching new gliders which involves strapping people to yourself and flying with them across the sky.  I was also surprised to hear that I would become the managing the instructors at the company.  I worked there for another 2 years when I finally decided to quit in search for a job that I like.  So far, I’ve been vacationing, traveling, & doing thing to occupy my time.

So here I am at 30 years old writing about my experiences gliding.  This involves me opening up and tell you all the tips and tricks, positives & negatives, & if this is the right sport for you.  Paragliding is meant for the extreme people that have tried everything and basketball, soccer, & baseball just don’t seem like it’s enough for them.  Gliders are a rare breed of species that are willing to jump of mountains and risk their life just for the moment.

Paragliding Australia is your new source for learning to become part of the community, & also for my fellow gliders to read & share stories.  I have split the site into several sections..

Home Page – Anything new that is posted will show up here, this will be your main source of information.

Videos – Watch videos about paragliding, visuals are very important for learning.

Stories – Hear stories about me (austin) & his friends Paragliding.

Reviews – Any reviews about paraglider’s, equipment, ect.

Info – Learn about us here!


Thank-you for becoming a part of the Paragliding Australia community!

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